Did You Hear About …. ? Really? Yep…


My clients quickly become my friends, and I am honored and grateful to have them in my life. These testimonials will give you a little peak into our working relationship, and the transformation we can create together in their homes.


Betsy is one of the best, most creative and optimistic people that I know.” – Sandi Maki; First Lady, InSights Group, Brighton, MI


Working with Betsy was a tremendous experience!  Her vision, creativity, warm spirit, work ethic and tenacity make her a one-of-a-kind asset to any business person.” – Jen McClure; Mary Kay Director, Stockbridge, MI


“I have a home office which is also my library, studio, personal space, etc.  I found it was hard for me to be productive in my ‘office’ as I was always distracted by my “fun” stuff.  Betsy worked with me to understand how I really need to work and live in my space to be productive, and realistically how I am, for example I tend to create little piles everywhere.   Using this information along with my budget and my style, Betsy created a space that I love to be in.  I have a  place for everything and “stations” that help me keep organized and focused. When I am at work, I work.  When I am wrapping gifts, I wrap gifts at my gift wrapping station. Now I look forward to going to work everyday as my space works For me, thanks to Betsy!”  – Sherri Richards, Daily Money Manager and Business Designer


“We had Betsy come in and give us ideas to help make our house more appealing since we are putting it up for sale. She had some great ideas, most of which were not expensive. We were completely satisfied with her suggestions and will have her back again.” – Dan Winters  of Dan’s Back and Body