How to Survive a Kitchen Remodel – Part 2 People

A kitchen remodels is something you only want to do once every 15 years. Let’s make sure your space is one you are going to love! I gave you some pointers previously about what do before you meet with designers. Here are some tips for when you get together. Work with a designer who will come to your home. It makes the process a lot easier. Being in your space, seeing Read More

How to survive a kitchen remodel – Part 1 Planning

Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and remodel the kitchen. We have all heard the tales about how awful it was before. How long the construction took. And the worst, how much over budget it went.  Don't fret; there is good news! Not everyone's remodel went like that. Here are some tips that might make it easier for you when you do yours. Before you start, cut out pictures Read More