And MORE Holiday from Grande Trunke Home

  And MORE mantle decorations from¬†Grande Trunke Home! My focus during the shows is to have fun! Along with giving interior design tips you can use that night in your home. My main tip for your Christmas Decorating...

One dramatic Angle down!

Positioning your treasures at different levels will add energy to your display. The variety of heights will create an  imaginary line and encourage your eyes to follow it.

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Holiday Decorating Pictures

. . I am lucky enough to be surrounded by many talented and giving people! Darryl Evans of Pure Enchantment Photography is one of my gems. Saturday evening was spent with him, watching him work magic with his camera and tripod. Admittedly, he had an easy subject to work with: My holiday decorating at InSights Group. Please enjoy our pictures of the season. . . . . . . . . . .