Spring Mantel Show at the Grande Trunke Home

Spring is Here! Really, it is; don't let the cold wind fool you into thinking it's not. The proof is that Grande Trunke Home had their Spring Mantel Decoration Show giving us lots of ideas for accessorizing our homes for the season! I am so honored to be welcomed time and time again to present ideas to guests wanting to make some changes in their homes. Here are pictures of the 3 mantel themes Read More

Gallery of Sights bi-monthly Art Community Open House and Mixer

“Informal conversation is probably the oldest mechanism by which opinions on products and brands are developed, expressed, and spread.” - Johan Arndt So, join us for some “informal conversation” at Art Community Open House and Mixer for the Gallery of Sights Where different types of artists showcase their work and groups different people get to know each other better. Celebrate the Opening Night of “Art in Your Work” featuring different professions and the art Read More