More Than just Paint and Wall Paper

I’ve been creating faux finishes to complement my interior design for about four years. The more I do it, the more I love it! I’m always pleasantly surprised at the change a bit of faux finish makes in a room. How it turns the walls into the artwork.  How it pulls everything together, adds interest and depth, and makes the space one of a kind.

The “Terracotta” floor  in a client’s laundry room was the first one I did. We were hiding the fact there were some missing tiles; pretty successfully. About a month after finishing the space a friend of the homeowners looked at it and said “Where’s the painted floor? Not that; that’s a real tiled floor.”

Then another client needed “something” in the small bachelor pad to make it pop while downplaying the exposed heating duct running thru the room.  I let him know I have the perfect answer – This faux metal painting, and I’ll make it into an artwork you can take when you move. Blindly respecting and trusting me…  I created the first faux metal artwork collage. Dude loved it!

So, what do you think? Where would you like to see some faux finishes in your home?