Color – It’s the Spice of Life

The chief function of color should be to serve expression – Henri Matisse

the scientific definition of color  (kŭl’ər)  is: the sensation produced by the effect of light waves striking the retina of the eye. The color of something depends mainly on which wavelengths of light it emits, reflects, or transmits.

Yep… That technically is what color is… It’s also something to have FUN with! And, something to stress. wonder question if you are making the right decision.

  • It can change the feeling of a room.  It can make a space feel relaxing  like a spa or full of energy and motivating.
  • It can change the shape of a room. It can turn a long skinny room more square, or draw your attention to the architectural details.

There use to be “rules” to obey when selecting colors. (My grandma still can’t put green and blue together.)  Fortunately, or unfortunately, there really aren’t rules anymore, more suggestions.

  • If you like something, it’s a go.
  • Then, to add to easy, or frustration, of color today there are many online tools to help pick colors, color scheme, show what they look like to inspire you.

But, what do you do with the colors? There are so many walls in the house! Then there is the sofa and window treatments to think about too!

This is where I can help! This is where I shine, baby! Working together we’ll come up with a  color scheme that complements your style, creates the energy you want in the room, makes the most of your architectural details.

Enjoy browsing around the portfolio of colors and how they change a room. Start imagining how your home will look with new colors. Click here for a flier of some of them that you can print out and put in your “Dream Home” folder.