Ready for a major change? Thinking about repainting the major rooms? How about organizing the office? Or even move you’re the furniture around for a new look? I can help you with that. Here’s a listing of the packages I offer with a description….


Example of comprehensive design consult from openDesign interior design studio


Comprehensive  Design Consultation


Changing stuff around? Want a new look for your space, but want to do the work yourself? – I can help with that.

I will give you direction, a shopping list,  and drawings. Afterward you will have your Game plan about your new design so you can get started on the project with confidence.





Color Consultation

Want to paint? Want more than just white walls? – I can help with that.

From an accent wall to a room to the entire home, working together we will build the perfect color scheme that reflects your personality.


Design Consultation

Want some help pulling it together? Just working on one room and you need a start? Need some ideas? – I can help with that.

We will get you going. Give you lots of motivation and ideas to complete the room. We will talk about where to place items, hang pictures, and colors to paint. Whatever you and your space needs.


Re-Design Re-Arrange

You’re keeping your furniture and everything else.  But you want a new look. You’ve tried the furniture is all the places but you just aren’t happy with it… – I can help with that.

In a re-design we keep everything and just move it around. Re-think about your space and your items to create a new space that reflects your personality and makes you smile!


Office Design

Are you so busy your office is suffering and as a result your bottom line. Getting frustrated  because you can’t find anything? – I can help with that.

Working as a team we will work together to create your perfect office. We will organize, straighten, paint, and design a new office that makes you  productive and professional.