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Green Home for the New Year

Here it is February and my holiday mantle is still up.  I admit I like the green and the color, it makes me smile. It is a nice contrast to the white on white outside with the snow.  But, I promise I will take it down this weekend, for sure. Really... We are, however, in luck because Naturally Jodi is on top of things.  She is set to help us Read More


One of my many favorite parts of interior design  is finding new solutions to fulfill the needs of my clients. Providing them with something custom and reflecting their personality. For the bachelor pad, we wanted something big, masculine and urban for above the sofa. So, I pulled out my paint brush and created this 3 part artwork. Below is the process of how… Enjoy!


“I’m not creative.” Or what about this one --- “I don’t have a creative bone in my body.” We have all heard these sentences, or thought them about ourselves? I hear it a lot from people, even from my clients… But, I just don’t believe it! . I am a strong believer that everyone is creative.  I am convinced there are many ways to showcase one’s talents.  I was talking to a Read More

Organizing – Where to Start

Does your closet, pantry, room, office feel like a disaster to you? Does it feel like a hurricane just went through and blew everything, um, everywhere? Is it NOW it’s time to take care of it? ORGANIZE it once and for all? You can do this! It’s not a daunting feat when it’s tackled in small parts. In this multi part post I’m going to give you some tips to help sort Read More

Shoveling Out Your Story

Living in Michigan means… Spending a lot of time shoving. (Why didn’t I move to Arizona when I had the chance?) But, I like shoving. It is a simple task, no questioning if it is done right and if gives you time to think. This time I got thinking about how I shovel. . I grew up in the UP and we use to get tremendous amounts of snow. The snow banks Read More

Tips for a Green Office

Green… Being Green… Living Green…  These phrases seem to be popping up everywhere.  As an interior designer I want to talk about how to be “Green” and help you stream line your office, making your life easier. . Here are some quick tips to start thinking of ways to “Save the World” and save your sanity. Saving Energy + Saving Money = Happy Person! Replace incandescent bulbs with cool looking compact florescent. (I admit Read More

Christmas Eve Flower

The holidays and the end of the year are so quickly approaching us. Do you have all your gifts purchased or made? I know I have to get started on both of those. How many of you are going to give the beautiful poinsettia to people when you stop by to say hi. After working in a gardening center for a couple of Christmases I become very familiar with how popular Read More

Knobs to the Rescue

Need a place to hang your jacket? Your purse? Your necklaces? You want extra quick storage and to be a bit more organized.  I got just the right thing… Cabinet knobs! . There are so many interesting choices out there. You can find knobs that reflect your style and personality. You can install them in any pattern you want.  Pictured here I have them in a straight line; but you could really Read More

Jodi Cook

Naturally Jodi is just that… Jodi finds ways to be the most natural in all aspect of life.  With a degree in horticulture, years of professional landscaping experience and a strong passion, Jodi has the ability to design your yard to meet your expectations and needs. Jodi will work with your space in any fashion you need… If you are a DIY-er she will provide you with a plan and a Read More