Organizing – Where to Start

Does your closet, pantry, room, office feel like a disaster to you? Does it feel like a hurricane just went through and blew everything, um, everywhere? Is it NOW it’s time to take care of it? ORGANIZE it once and for all? You can do this! It’s not a daunting feat when it’s tackled in small parts. In this multi part post I’m going to give you some tips to help sort Read More

Knobs to the Rescue

Need a place to hang your jacket? Your purse? Your necklaces? You want extra quick storage and to be a bit more organized.  I got just the right thing… Cabinet knobs! . There are so many interesting choices out there. You can find knobs that reflect your style and personality. You can install them in any pattern you want.  Pictured here I have them in a straight line; but you could really Read More

Wouldn’t you love to do laundry here?

Have fun with life! Enjoy where you have to be! Make the most of any situation! The chores you have to do every day can be more enjoyable by incorporating things you like in the space. If you like being outside, bring some live plants into the room. If you like to hang out with your girlfriends, hang pictures of them and things you have done together. If you dream about Read More

Painting Isn’t Just for the Walls Any More

Painting! Have you thought about it for your floor? Yes, you could go the route of carpeting, tiling, or installing wood, but you could also paint your floor. It doesn’t matter if it is concrete, tile, hardwood, or subfloor; with proper prepping you can create a custom floor finish that reflects your style and complements your home. Options are limitless for what you can create! Some ideas so draw inspiration from Read More