What is “Bring Betsy Home”?

A gathering of friends talking about their homes and solving botherations within their sanctuaries with a professional interior designer facilitating the evening.

Picture a Mary Kay party or an Avon party… You and your girlfriends get together for the evening, play with make-up, and have a great time. The difference between that and a “Bring Betsy Home” Party is that we talk about your homes. Instead of a new facial make-over when you leave, you each leave with professional interior design tips and tricks to make-over your home!

What do your guests get?

  • Proven professional interior design tips and tricks they can implement in their own home.
  • Professional design ideas to solve a botheration they have in their home.
  • Two hours with a professional interior designer.
  • A reference booklet to take home filled with tips, ideas and local suppliers I recommend.
  • 10% discount on my design services.

What do you get?

  • As a thank you for welcoming me into your home – 30-minute consultation in your home.
  • Proven professional interior design tips and tricks they can implement in their own home.
  • Professional design ideas to solve a botheration they have in their home.
  • Discount on a future design service.

Sound like fun? Give me a call and, we can talk more!

What is a “Bring Betsy Home” party like? — What do you do at a party?

We all have that one space that we can’t seem to figure out what to do with. No matter what we have tried, it remains a botheration. The goal of a “Bring Betsy Home” party is for your guests to leave with a couple good ideas to fix that problem area.

  • Everyone brings pictures and some simple dimensions of a botheration they have in their home.
  • We sit around the kitchen table eating and drinking having a good time.
  • As a group we discuss what can be done. We talk about why an idea would work, or why it might not be the best solution.
  • I oversee the discussion, provide tips, explain different design principles, and/or personalize an idea to relate it to someone’s home.
  • I bring pictures and examples of design principles to clarify what we are talking about. I also do demonstrations to illustrate the ideas. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.

My goal is have your guest leave the party understanding the how’s and why’s of design. I want them to feel more confident in making decisions about the design of their homes. And, most importantly, I want them to have fun!

How big is a “Bring Betsy Home” party?

  • Any size will work! Although, 3 – 6 people is an ideal size. In groups larger than 6, we could have multiple parties. More than 6 people, and it is challenging to  have time to talk about everyone’s botheration.

How long does a “Bring Betsy Home” party last?

  • About two hours with the chance it can go three hours.


Sound like fun? Give me a call, and we can talk more!

What has to be done to host a “Bring Betsy Home” party?

  • I do the invitations. I have e-invites or mail invitations. Just get me the list of the friends you would like to invite, and I will do the rest.
  • I will call everyone before hand to introduce myself, get a head count, and answer any questions they might have about what is going on.
  • I will bring little thank you gifts for your guests to show my appreciation.
  • The only thing you need to do is provide some simple snacks and drinks.

I attempt to make it as easy as possible for you. I want you to have a terrific time along with your guests!

I look forward to entertaining you and your friends at your next “Bring Betsy Home” party! Give me a call so we can get your party scheduled.