Tips for Collections and Groups

We all have memories of the places we have been. We all have collections of items that are beautiful to us. Here are some tips to honor our “stuff”…

  • Little is More – having a couple of nice and quality itemCollections, Displays, Treasures, Betsy Rackliffe, openDesign, interior deisgns are more impactful than a bunch of different items.
  • Groups are Dramatic – Gather all the one here and one there and make a collection of them in one spot.
  • Odd Number Magic –3,5,7,and 9 are more peaceful arrangements (this one is more a suggestion.
  • Pyramids –When setting up a display think vertically to o. Place some items on pillars or candle holders in a tallest, medium and shortest fashion. It moves your eye around so you can take it all in.
  • Memory Wall – They make you smile.  A creative idea is to use all exactly the same frame, or to use all different frames in the same color, or to use all completely different frames in size, shape, and color.

Take pride in your past and your loves.

2 Comments to “Tips for Collections and Groups”

  1. Gary says:

    I like this corner of the room. But it seems to follow one of your rules and violate a couple others. The sampler and bellows (and the table) follow the Little-is-More rule – three simple, important objects. But the box collection on the table seems to violate that rule by having an awful lot of them piled up. And, it seems to come close to violating the Pyramids guideline. Except for the Monk (which really doesn’t fit in with the collection) it is a pretty flat grouping. Maybe I’ll work on it in my free time.

  2. Gary says:

    Notice that I got rid of the Y. I can tell you how, if you’re interested.

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