Where to Paint? Where not to Paint?

Accent Wall -- The red color pops out at you feeling closer.

Accent Wall -- The red color pops out at you feeling closer.

You want to add some changes to your space, but you don’t want to paint all the walls. Or maybe you want extra interest. The easiest way to achieve this is with an accent wall. It can be painted, faux finished, or wallpapered. How do you know which wall to select? There isn’t a single rule that works perfectly in all situations, but here are some suggestions.

One method for selecting a wall is to think about something you want to draw attention to: your sofa or a piece of artwork. Or even a wall with architectural interest: a fireplace or built in cabinets.  Changing the color of one of these walls will grab the viewer’s attention.

Another option for choosing an accent wall is to direct your sight through the room or to visually change the appearance of a room. For example, if the end wall in a long, skinny room is painted in the warm colors, like red, yellow or orange, tends to make the wall seem closer so it helps remove the “bowling alley” feel. An opposite reaction would be to paint walls around a bank of windows a cool color, like blue or green; the color will recess into the horizon making the room appear larger.

So stand back and look at your room. Where do you want your eyesight to be drawn to? Do you have a beautiful view of the lake that you want to grab attention? Or some architectural detail like a fireplace flanked by a window on each side that you want noticed?

Your eyes need somewhere to land when looking around a room. Adding an accent wall will provide balance making your space fell more complete.

3 Comments to “Where to Paint? Where not to Paint?”

  1. Gary Rackliffe says:

    These are really interesting colors. I hadn’t thought about the dark color making the wall look closer before.
    I thought darker colors made a room feel smaller, cozier and brighter colors made a room feel larger. How is this related to the warmer, cooler thing you described here?

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