Green Home for the New Year

Cleaning SuppliesHere it is February and my holiday mantle is still up.  I admit I like the green and the color, it makes me smile. It is a nice contrast to the white on white outside with the snow.  But, I promise I will take it down this weekend, for sure. Really… We are, however, in luck because Naturally Jodi is on top of things.  She is set to help us get ready for setting up a Green household. Enjoy her motivational post to get us in line for spring cleaning… and living healthier.


Green Home for the New Year by Naturally Jodi

As the holidays wind down there is the task of removing & cleaning up our holiday decorations. Many have mixed emotions about how fast the holidays go by and we move on to the New Year with or without a plan on what to do with our homes.

Maybe you dislike these activities or you love to move furniture, redecorate or get a jump on spring-cleaning in the winter, either way you are in the right position to create a Green Home! … to read more

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