Coffee Anyone?

Coffee House Creamery

The Coffee House Creamery in Ann Arbor opened to fulfill a dream of Natalie and Talus Park. Natalie did a beautiful job re-using, re-thinking about items to decorate the shop on a tight budget; she used house numbers from a clearance sale for a wall clock, Ikea window treatment hardware to hold the menu boards, and even kitchen placements tacked together for a large, sound-absorbing artwork. But even with her creativity, she got stuck.

The one big wall that she looks at day in and day out was just too plain. And Natalie was out of ideas.  As any good shopper, she had collected a bunch of odds and ends she liked and would eventually do something with. That’s where I entered the story… I flew in to the rescue!

We spent 30 minutes pulling all the treasures together to see what she really had and how they could relate to one another. We worked together, and I made a sketch of what to do with it all. This showed what went together and where each piece should be placed. Her husband did the work of hanging everything up, but he had a plan that made it easy. Natalie has since taken ownership of the wall by adding a couple of her own touches and enhancing it even more.

We all get stuck and need a push along the way. Where do you need a nudge?

And by the way… I can help you with that.



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