One of my many favorite parts of interior design  is finding new solutions to fulfill the needs of my clients. Providing them with something custom and reflecting their personality. For the bachelor pad, we wanted something big, masculine and urban for above the sofa.

So, I pulled out my paint brush and created this 3 part artwork. Below is the process of how… Enjoy!

Scaled Drawing of custom Artwork created by Betsy Rackliffe of openDeisgn

FRIST - A scaled drawing of desired design so would know how to layout the actual art piece

Custom Artwork from openDesign painted by Betsy Rackliffe

SECOND – Paint primer with base color that will come through in parts for the faux finish

custom faux finish Metal artwork painted by Betsy Rackliffe

THIRD – Layout in sections the different areas to be worked on. Can’t tape all at once because the metal tiles touch each other. You have to tape, paint, pull tape, wait to dry, tape next section, paint, pull tape, wait to dry, and so on till you get all the sections painted.

FOURTH – These are the textured tiles. Apply plaster with a putty knife in an “artistic” fashion

Faux Textured Painted Tiles created by Betsy Rackliffe of openDesign

Fifth – Apply the paint. Metal finish paint is sold in small tubes at your local craft store. Mix paint 50/50 with a floating medium (bought I the same section as the paint). This allows you to brush on the paint, and combine the colors together smoothly so there are no definite edges and it looks more natural.

Finished art work with faux metal tiles. Created and painted by Betsy Rackliffe of openDeisgn

SIXTH – Repeat in each section till done!

Installd custom artwork of faux metal tiles for client's home. Designed and painted by Betsy Rackliffe of openDesign

GRAND FINALLY – The piece hangs nicely in Scott’s living room, balance with other urban artwork by his niece and reflecting his personality.

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