Sub Floor to New Floor

I am lucky enough to be remodeling the house I “inherited” from my parents so they could follow their dreams and move across the country to Seattle.

The most recent event was refinishing the floors. One of the hidden treasures in houses built before the 1960’s is the hardwood subflooring. To my joy the cheap carpeting was pulled out revealing a worn, dirty and, in some places, damaged red oak floor throughout the entire first floor!

This is when the learning process began:

  • Who does flooring in the area?
  • What does it entail?
  • How long does it take?
  • How do I select a color?
  • Can they get repair the damaged parts?
  • Where will I live while it’s being done!

After three interviews I learned:

  • That price isn’t a factor (they were all the same).
  • That water damage can mostly be repaired (depending on how severely warped), but that pet urine cannot be repaired (seeps into the wood and turns it black).
  • That the first coat seeps into the wood, so 3 coats will give you a longer wear because there are 2 coats above the wood protecting the surface.
  • That  the different slats of wood take the finish differently so have them stain a large swatch for you verify the selected color (make sure you like it, to avoid having to redo in the future).
  • You need 24 hours between coats, 48 hours before placing furniture on it, 30 days for the stain to completely cure.

My “new” floors are amazing and I love them! I admit, I did go with the “safer” color instead of the trendy new color. Check out the pictures and let me know what you think of the floors…

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