Organizing – Where to Start

Organize your life and clam your room. I can help with that.

Don't scimp on piles... Sort into as many sections as you need

Does your closet, pantry, room, office feel like a disaster to you? Does it feel like a hurricane just went through and blew everything, um, everywhere? Is it NOW it’s time to take care of it? ORGANIZE it once and for all?

You can do this!

It’s not a daunting feat when it’s tackled in small parts. In this multi part post I’m going to give you some tips to help sort out the piles, find the floor, what to do with the now empty space, and how to put it back together so it stays organized.

Start with emptying and sorting… We need to know what we have before anything else. You might be amazed.  You will find That book, That shirt, or the yarn you have been looking for weeks.

This is  a two room project: the room we are tiding up and a staging area we can pile all the treasures; the stuff.

In the staging area set up a bunch of bins, or areas to gather everything for that group. Set up as many areas as you have to sort out. Don’t be stingy here on piles, have as many as you need. It is easier to over sort now and you can always combine later when it gets put back into the room. It is important to also have a place for items to donate, throw-away, give to so-and-so, and goes elsewhere in the house.

Some examples:

  • Sorting books — have an area for each genre, self help, horror, instruction manuals journals and so on.
  • Sorting clothing — have an area for skirts, shirts, shoes, hats, workout and so forth.
  • Sorting crafts — have an area for each one, everything for painting, everything for knitting, everything for beading and so on.
  • Sorting an office — office supplies by everyday vs stock, paper, books by genre, personal, business and so forth.

Now, GO!!! Start at the doorway and begin distributing your way through the room. Don’t get overwhelmed by how much you have or how long it’s taking. Don’t judge, just empty. This might be a good time to crank up the tunes, and have fun. Maybe even dance between the two areas.

If you are stuck on some of the items should I keep it or not – ask yourself these questions:

  • When was the last time you USED it; how often do you really USED it; could you barrow/rent one from some else?
  • What would happen if I didn’t have it anymore? Am I keeping it out of GUILT? Do I really VALUE it?

Next… We will discuss what to do with the space and how to make it work for you and your needs.

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