How to Survive a Kitchen Remodel – Part 2 People

Kitchen Remodel After

A kitchen remodels is something you only want to do once every 15 years. Let’s make sure your space is one you are going to love! I gave you some pointers previously about what do before you meet with designers. Here are some tips for when you get together.

  • Work with a designer who will come to your home. It makes the process a lot easier. Being in your space, seeing how you function, will give the designer get a better understand at your style and your needs to make your kitchen flow smoother.
  • Have the cabinet company do a final professional measurement of your space. When they measure, if for some crazy reason the cabinets don’t fit, they will make the proper adjustments.
  • Work with a general contractor who oversees each step. Let her worry about when the tile should be going in, when the cabinets will be delivered to your house. Making sure the installation goes smoothly is like conducting an orchestra. It is a talent and a full-time job!

Congratulations on this wonderful undertaking called a kitchen remodel. Remember, it will be over soon. As you go through this, take time to breathe, to have fun, and to remind yourself over and over how amazing it will be when it is finished!

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