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Are You?

“I’m not creative.” Or what about this one — “I don’t have a creative bone in my body.” We have all heard these sentences, or thought them about ourselves? I hear it a lot from people, even from my clients… But, I just don’t believe it!


I am a strong believer that everyone is creative.  I am convinced there are many ways to showcase one’s talents.  I was talking to a woman, who was uncomfortable decorating a holiday wreath. She said “I’m not creative; I wouldn’t know where to start.” Five minutes later I found out that she loves putting words together and writes poetry. Now that’s having a gift, just in a different way.  I spoke with another woman about her holiday wreath, who was convinced she was inadequate, but could tell me exactly what she wanted on it and where to put it, all I did was attach the objects to the wreath. In the end she created the beautiful wreath; all I did was the labor.


So, how are YOU creative? Do you write? Are you good at math? Do you manage a household, a family and a career while staying sane? Are you a gardener, or like to experiment with spices when you cook? All of these are ways to be creative. Gifts we each posses. Ways we are ingenious.  In one way or another…

We are all talented and creative!

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