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Architectural Wonders A Pop-up Gallery of the World's Most Amazing Marvels

I love children books. They have artistic illustrations on nearly every page and usually tell a moral. One of my favorite kinds of kid’s books is a pop-up. It combines my love of design with my love of art. I smile every time when I turn the page and have the story come to life in 3d. Even better is when I get the chance to share them with a child and watch their amazement.

While I was at the book store a couple of months ago I came across one of the perfect books for me! “Architectural Wonders – A Pop-up Gallery of the World’s Most Amazing Marvels” What could be better?  There are five buildings that the book talks about, has beautiful pictures and, of course, has fascinating detailed engineered pop-ups.

I have studied these creations, and even been to two of them, so I thought I knew everything. After reading Kathleen Murphy Colan’s descriptions and introductions I was wrong. Her writing made we want to read more and discover more fun facts about the buildings and areas.  Like Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany has 360 rooms, or that measurements all across France are taken from “Point Zero” in Notre Dame.

The pop-ups of each building are creative. Bruce Foster has some talent! I checked out his website, it is very fun.  Having the 3d in the book also took me back to my memories of being there.  A walk down memory lane.

I recommend this book for anyone interested in architecture, history or paper-engineering.  An interesting read and a fun page flipper.

Architectural Wonders - Neuschwanstein Castle

Architectural Wonders - Sydney Opera House

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  1. Gary Rackliffe says:

    Nice book review! It is especially nice to be able to use this to remember places you have been. But, I’m not sure how much detail you remember from Notre Dame. You didn’t see it under the most ideal circumstances, although it was a unique night.

  2. Dotti Rackliffe says:

    Having toured Neuschwanstein with you when you were about 13, I enjoy the pop-up. He did a lot of good work on that.

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