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Spring Mantel Show at the Grande Trunke Home

Spring is Here! Really, it is; don't let the cold wind fool you into thinking it's not. The proof is that Grande Trunke Home had their Spring Mantel Decoration Show giving us lots of ideas for accessorizing our homes for the season! I am so honored to be welcomed time and time again to present ideas to guests wanting to make some changes in their homes. Here are pictures of the 3 mantel themes Read More

And MORE Holiday from Grande Trunke Home

  And MORE mantle decorations from Grande Trunke Home! My focus during the shows is to have fun! Along with giving interior design tips you can use that night in your home. My main tip for your Christmas Decorating...

One dramatic Angle down!

Positioning your treasures at different levels will add energy to your display. The variety of heights will create an  imaginary line and encourage your eyes to follow it.

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Holidays at The Grande Trunke Home

It's that time of year again! Here are some pictures of the Tuesday "Mantle Show" at South Lyon's very own Grande Trunke Home. Three times a year Sue Stowe hosts a fun evening with wine and cheese and showcases new ways to inspire you about your home... With, of course, her beautiful pieces! Look around here. Check out the next blog with pictures from Thursday's "Mantle Show" Then visit her store for more Read More

Sub Floor to New Floor

I am lucky enough to be remodeling the house I "inherited" from my parents so they could follow their dreams and move across the country to Seattle. The most recent event was refinishing the floors. One of the hidden treasures in houses built before the 1960's is the hardwood subflooring. To my joy the cheap carpeting was pulled out revealing a worn, dirty and, in some places, damaged red oak floor Read More

Kitchen Remodel

Giggle Room

Tips for Collections and Groups

We all have memories of the places we have been. We all have collections of items that are beautiful to us. Here are some tips to honor our "stuff"... Little is More - having a couple of nice and quality items are more impactful than a bunch of different items. Groups are Dramatic - Gather all the one here and one there and make a collection of them in one spot. Odd Read More

Comprehensive Design Consultation Give-a-way


One of my many favorite parts of interior design  is finding new solutions to fulfill the needs of my clients. Providing them with something custom and reflecting their personality. For the bachelor pad, we wanted something big, masculine and urban for above the sofa. So, I pulled out my paint brush and created this 3 part artwork. Below is the process of how… Enjoy!


“I’m not creative.” Or what about this one --- “I don’t have a creative bone in my body.” We have all heard these sentences, or thought them about ourselves? I hear it a lot from people, even from my clients… But, I just don’t believe it! . I am a strong believer that everyone is creative.  I am convinced there are many ways to showcase one’s talents.  I was talking to a Read More