Providing Creative Results

THE Story of openDesign Interior Design Studio


“An interior design firm providing individualized design services to fit any budget and execution level while creating an environment filled with options, understanding and fun resulting in a space that reflect the clients’ personality and addresses their needs.” 


There are things in your life you remember like it was yesterday. That is just a part of your story. Becoming a designer is one of those moments for me.

  • I was 18, my senior year of high school. We were living in Lansing. I was in the living room and it came to me… “I want to be an interior designer”. It might not have seems so odd if I wasn’t focusing on college prep, Shakespeare or environmental science. This was a complete left turn. I have never looked back.


Now, I have my own amazing company! Where I’m in charge! (Ok the clients are in charge, I just think I am.) openDesign interior design studio opened in 2009. Yep, right when the economy went to *** in a hand basket.  Good thing I have my rose color glasses.


At openDesign we keep a positive attitude and a strong passion about interior design.  Within that we have a couple of core believes:

*  Everyone deserves to have a home they can’t wait to walk into, one they feel proud to show off.

*  It is “just” design. No one has died from the sofa being delayed a week, incontinent YES, and pain YES… But that’s it.

*  To have FUN! It is interior design, the sky is the limit!


We all at openDesign interior design studio look forward to assisting you with any of your design needs.


— I can help you with that…